Sunday, April 1, 2012

100th Post Blogiversary

Dear Readers,

A little less than two years ago I began Blogging. I started this blog with a hope to be able to share some of the things I enjoy (My sister got me started on it). Although I admitted the difficulties of me blogging in my first post- I feel like I have actually made good progress since then. I went from blogging every couple of months or less, to blogging a few times a week on average.

My blog went through the floundering around beginning posts about really random stuff. The photo project phase... which I didn't make it through. The diet-blog phase... which definitely helped boost my reader base. Then this past fall I sort of started writing about whatever was happening in my life, which lead to the Sound of Music Marathon Posts; which I definitely have to thank for my blogs increased reader base and the habit of more frequent blogging. I feel as though I am doing a good job using my blog as a creative outlet. I still feel like 100 posts is a very young blog, but I am proud of how far it has come. I have reached well over 10,000 views at this point, and days that I do post I usually get a few hundred views! I feel so great to know that people are reading the things I post. I feel like I have a voice, and an audience that's listening.

I can say I am not sure what the future holds for this blog. I have tons of ideas floating around in my head. I'd like to start a special feature type of day, more fashion/makeup posts, and some crafting! I'd like to keep posting on a consistent basis, and maybe get to form a real network of other blogging friends. I might look into advertising and some other options of that nature. I realize I am still here trying to find my blogging voice, struggling for refinement, but part of the beauty of my blog is that it is random and messy just like my brain. I see life as a beautiful disaster, full of imperfections and disorder (ironic how much I like organization), so why shouldn't my blog be a little random and messy, like me?

I'd love to hear from those reading your favorite types of posts, and what you would like to see more of. I do write these posts partly for me (and a good mental health project of mine) but also for you. Those who read my blog really help me feel loved and appreciated. I feel like you are right there with me experiencing what I am, and getting to know me and the inner workings of my brain with each and every post.

Please submit requests about what you would like to see... via comments below :)
Thanks to everyone who reads, to those who have inspired me, and to those who said I have inspired them!

<3 Danielle
I Like Boring Things

P.S. Check out my blog archives to see posts from "way back when"

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