Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What my January looked like!

December 26th- January 31st
There are a few days missing I can't lie, but I am still getting used to this. I won't even try to make an excuse about how my computer broke, my phone broke, and I have started school again. Nope no excuses. I missed some days. But from here on out I will have to try a little harder. Take a look and see what I saw this January.
December 26th -Andy with Grandma's wig on

December 28th- NYC day trip with my Mansfield friends
December 29th- Maggie trying to hitch a ride to SC with me
December 31st- watching movies on the couch
January 1st- Starting the new year off strong with some cough meds
January 2nd- Loki helping me pracitce
January 3rd- Really sick day
January 4th- Still sick day
January 5th- Pizza date with the girls
January 6th- Sonic trip!
January 7th- Old Sheldon Church... mushy kiss picture
January 8th- Breakfast with Alex and his family before my flight
January 9th- Maggie keeping me company while I pack up for the 12 hour train excursion!
January 10th- Christopher and his "after school snack"
January 12th- Duff's with some of my favorite people!
January 13th- Jaime and I after watching Black Swan
January 14th- Modeling my new headband
January 15th- Gabby's fairy makeup
January 16th- Came home to Mansfield and found Daniela snuggling on the couch, I missed her!
January 17th- rearranged my bedroom
January 18th- First day back at school... lookin' good
January 19th- Aaran and Ryan and our fun Library night
January 20th- Recital pic? :)
January 21st- went to see Gabby's show!
January 22nd- Ryan gettin' some Brazilian love
January 23rd- I will kill Henry the Mouse... I will!
January 25th- Derek is prego...
January 26th- cupcakes I made for the brothers
January 27th- Me whopping butt at candy land! (I won!)
January 28th- Don't RIP Henry the Mouse
January 29th- Sarah and Alex's recital
January 30th- Formal Tea... we had so many people over our house!
 January 31st- Look at our lovely new curtains! they only took like 2 weeks to finally get put up!