Monday, April 30, 2012

The Sound of Music: Final Bow.

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to go to NYC and sing with the Mansfield University Women's Choir as the nuns chorus in the Carnegie Hall production of the Sound of Music! The trip was amazing to say the least. Not only did Carnegie pay our way, put us up in a hotel, and pay for all our meals- but the staff was amazing there! I wrote a reflection about the trip as requested by Dr. J├╝rgen Thym (Dr. Dettwiler's husband)! Here is the reflection below. It's a little sappy so be ready for mushiness before you read it :) Enjoy! 


This semester I had the privilege of playing the role of Maria in the Sound of Music on the Mansfield stage! I was so happy and proud to play such a large role in Mansfield's production for my final year. I loved every second of the opportunity, and as we reached performance weekend I didn't want it to end. The other cast members seemed a little worn out and happy to finally be finishing the show, but during the final performance I could only think how much I was going to miss being Maria and miss being apart of this beautiful and inspiring show: But then I remembered it wasn't over for me yet. Yes, I was finished playing the role of Maria, but I was not finished with the show! I would get one more shot at being in this production as a nun with the women's chorus in Carnegie Hall! This was a sincere blessing to me and pleasure to be apart of.

As the weekend of the Carnegie performance approached I felt myself growing anxious and excited to see what it would be like. I have worked once before in the hall and was excited to go back! From the moment we stepped inside the doors of the theater I knew that this trip would be something special and meaningful to me. At our first rehearsal I was blown away with the way we sounded singing in the hall, at our second rehearsal I was blown away with the professional actors and actresses who were in the cast. One thing that really struck me was their amazing personalities. They were not only talented, but funny and kind as well. The entire cast and crew received our choir very well and treated us like professionals. The morning of the show came and I started feeling a little more sentimental. I sat on stage watching the entire show unfold before me and kept thinking back to our show at Mansfield. I thought about all the moments I had with the children, with my costar and best friend, Derek Gracey, and our fabulous directors. I felt so lucky to get to relive the show and be apart of it again.

One particular moment of the performance really struck me; The final scene in Act 1, where Maria leaves the family and goes back to the abbey because she realized she had feelings for the Captain. I watched as Maria spoke to Mother Abbess about her mixed emotions, and remembered the way I felt when I did that scene. Mother Abbess began to sing Climb Every Mountain, and my mind started racing. I thought about how beautiful the song was, and that it's messages of overcoming obstacles and following your dreams were exactly what we were doing! As a choir we had reached for our dreams and made it! I felt so overcome with emotions both reminiscent and present that my eyes started to fill with tears. I kept in the tears until I was off stage for intermission, but couldn't hold them in once I made it to the elevator. I cried because I was so happy and thankful to be apart of such a moving and inspiring production.

I enjoyed every minute of the whole weekend, and leaving NYC that day was like saying goodbye to an old friend. I might have said goodbye to the Sound of Music for now, but every tune holds a special meaning to me and will continue to sing on in my head; reminding me of the power of music and that dreams can come true if we are willing to climb the mountains in our way.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saying I'm Sorry with Scones

Dearest Readers,

I must give my sincere apologies for not posting in- well way too long of a time. This was not however by choice. The other day I was having a quick lunch and using my computer to finish up some homework- I was running late for a lesson so I hastily got up and knocked half a glass of V8 juice onto my laptop. *insert gasps and sympathetic looks here* This all happened last Wednesday, I believe- So here I was with a soaking wet computer late for my voice lesson in a tizzy! I shut it off wiped it down and left it upside down to dry for 3 days before I attempted turing it on. Needless to say when I tried turning it on- nothing good happened. Cut to me racing to the computer place downtown to drop it off- on Saturday before they closed since I went out of town to NYC from Sunday until Wed(That is a whole other blog post in itself). I finally heard back on the prognosis of the computer... and I quote "Your laptop is basically a glorified paperweight." She could have been a little kinder with her words. They managed to pull most of my files off- but I haven't had time to check through them to see if anything was lost. So now all I have is an external hard drive and a 'glorified paperweight." :/ So this dear readers is the reason why my blog has been so quiet lately- I managed to snag my boyfriend's computer for the evening- and will be borrowing my very generous stepfather's laptop for the last 2 weeks of school!

On a not so depressing note... My recital is coming up. If you would like to come check out details!
And in the mean time I would like to apologizing for this hitch in my blog posting by sharing this super cute post my mom did about scone making (it has to do with my recital too). I love her so much- and after you read this post you will only begin to understand a fraction of the reasons why!

Have a delicious day- but keep those tasty treats away from your computers!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Love

I have to apologize I haven't been posting as much lately. I have found myself really wrapped up in school lately. I will try to fix that the next free time I get.... I have some good posts ideas: talking about relay for life, and amazing recipe I tried, and so much more!

In the mean time why don't you check out a few blogs near and dear to my heart...
....after all Sharing is Caring!

A very creative young lady, small business owner who puts up so many creative posts. I am constantly inspired by her and her blog to keep developing mine, being creative, and following my dreams! Food, Fashion, Crafts, Photos, a little bit of everything lovely.

 A young mother of 3 I believe who has her own scrapbooking line. She posts personal things, scrapbook tutorials, crafts, photo projects, and sometimes fashion posts. I hope I can be as cute as she is when I have kids!

 My Sister's friend Amelia- whom is an amazing photographer. I love looking at her work- it's beautiful! 

Friends & Family: 
 Sarah's trip to AZ and eventually back...
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 Heather's blog about her life including my adorable nephew Ben!
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My sister's blog, she originally inspired me to start one. I am glad we share this passion!
Peter's blog about everything theater! So much knowledge that he is happy to share!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Caffeine :)

Many of you who know me, know that I love caffeine with a burning passion. I seriously feel at times that I could not live without it. I do know that during the semester I consume way too much of it, but I can't help its in all my favorite things! (ie: coffee, pepsi, teas, chocolate!) This being said caffeine in moderation is actually not bad for you. Here is an article I found reporting on the health benefits: Read it Now!

Also you must look at this site of 15 things to know about coffee, 
funny and informative

Read more at the actual site :)

And just for fun:
(crude humor/language alert)

Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the rest of your day! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! I certainly did! It was full of good company, good food, and good times. Gabby came down to visit for the weekend, and then we drove to my sister Heather's house to meet up with the rest of the family for a Saturday-Sunday Easter celebration. I didn't take any pictures while I was there, but lucky for me all the women in my family are bloggers- so there are plenty of pictures to go around! For more pics and the full story check out Heather's post!

We decided to take a family picture and well here was the result... a lot of blinking and not looking at the camera I must say Ken's face is my favorite... He looks so unhappy... (which certainly wasn't the case!)

Top Left: Justin, Andy (holding Jack the cat), Christopher, Ken, and Mom (Leslie)
"2nd Row": (kneeling) Katie, Heather, Ben (standing) Me, Gabby

  I must say one of my favorite things about the whole weekend was getting to spend time with my nephew Ben. I got to read bedtime stories to him and have lots of quality playtime. I must say though I almost died of happiness when he came over and plopped on my lap for a few minutes. I am glad that I am close enough to be apart of his life, and I hope as he grows I can remain a big part! 

Happy Belated Easter everyone! 
I love my family so much and I feel blessed for Jesus's sacrifice he made so we could live and have forgiveness. God Bless!  

P.S. My Mom just started a Blog- I helped teach her how to use all the tools... Check out her first post!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Disney or Debussy?

So a random skill I have is hearing themes of music- that sound very similar to other themes in a different piece. 

For example: Josh was listening to this: (special attention to the first 10 seconds)

I thought it sounded like the rose theme from Beauty and the Beast:

Josh thought it sounded like Sweeney Todd: (Start at 2:40)


I may post more of my musical discoveries as they come :)

Here is another one, which in my opinion sounds the closest!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

100th Post Blogiversary

Dear Readers,

A little less than two years ago I began Blogging. I started this blog with a hope to be able to share some of the things I enjoy (My sister got me started on it). Although I admitted the difficulties of me blogging in my first post- I feel like I have actually made good progress since then. I went from blogging every couple of months or less, to blogging a few times a week on average.

My blog went through the floundering around beginning posts about really random stuff. The photo project phase... which I didn't make it through. The diet-blog phase... which definitely helped boost my reader base. Then this past fall I sort of started writing about whatever was happening in my life, which lead to the Sound of Music Marathon Posts; which I definitely have to thank for my blogs increased reader base and the habit of more frequent blogging. I feel as though I am doing a good job using my blog as a creative outlet. I still feel like 100 posts is a very young blog, but I am proud of how far it has come. I have reached well over 10,000 views at this point, and days that I do post I usually get a few hundred views! I feel so great to know that people are reading the things I post. I feel like I have a voice, and an audience that's listening.

I can say I am not sure what the future holds for this blog. I have tons of ideas floating around in my head. I'd like to start a special feature type of day, more fashion/makeup posts, and some crafting! I'd like to keep posting on a consistent basis, and maybe get to form a real network of other blogging friends. I might look into advertising and some other options of that nature. I realize I am still here trying to find my blogging voice, struggling for refinement, but part of the beauty of my blog is that it is random and messy just like my brain. I see life as a beautiful disaster, full of imperfections and disorder (ironic how much I like organization), so why shouldn't my blog be a little random and messy, like me?

I'd love to hear from those reading your favorite types of posts, and what you would like to see more of. I do write these posts partly for me (and a good mental health project of mine) but also for you. Those who read my blog really help me feel loved and appreciated. I feel like you are right there with me experiencing what I am, and getting to know me and the inner workings of my brain with each and every post.

Please submit requests about what you would like to see... via comments below :)
Thanks to everyone who reads, to those who have inspired me, and to those who said I have inspired them!

<3 Danielle
I Like Boring Things

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