Monday, September 12, 2011

Floral Week


Last week I celebrated "Floral Week!" I really love floral prints, and with fall rapidly approaching you will see these spring-like patterns less and less, so in order to celebrate I decided to display flowers all week long proudly. From Sunday all the way to Saturday I wore at least one item with flower print on it each day. By the end of the week I even got some other classmates at my school participating!

OK, so you probably recognize this picture from my post about making a skirt.
Well surprise... this skirt started my floral week! 
I wore it to dinner after work one night, then took some pictures. 

Cited: Skirt (homemade),Shirt (Old Navy), 
Pearl Bracelet (Primark), Shoes ( Thrifted)

The rain started on Monday- and didn't stop.
I decided the best way to rock my floral was on my feet! 
Cited: Rain Boots (Target)

This day felt like fall! 
I bundled up with a scarf and rocked my primary colors.
Cited: Skirt (Handmade), Turtle Neck Shirt (Old Navy), 
Belt and Scarf (Primark), Bag (Forever21), Flats (Payless)

Another really rainy day (most of the surrounding areas flooded).
It was so rainy I couldn't take a picture outside this day. 
Cited: Pants (Urban Outfitters), Top (too old- don't remember),
Flats (Payless), Ring (Antique)

We had the first half of our day cancelled for flood warnings- it ended up being sunny. 
I decided to wear a skirt :)
 (which was actually a dress folded down to look like a skirt)
Cited: Skirt/Dress (Thrifted), Top (Urban Outfitters),
Bracelet and Flats (Primark), Hat (Vintage)

I actually had an entirely different outfit planned for this day
-but it was much warmer than I anticipated!
Cited: Sweater (Thrifted), Dress (Thrifted)
Locket (Grandma's old locket), Sandals (Payless).

This day was jam-packed full of things like choir retreat, walmart trips, 
and an epic night of scrapbooking (I did 15 pages in one sitting). 
I apologize for the tired state I am in for this next shot!
Cited: Top (Express), Shorts (Forever21)

*By the end of the week I was getting lots of people around me involved- Thursday and Friday I had a lot of people participate with me at school! (My sister even did at home)
Pictured above: (Top Left) Beth, Sara, Katie, Abby, Liana, Erika, Kim
(Top Right) Sarah Dennis
(Bottom Left) Beth Bentley 
(Bottom Right) Sarah, Katie, Erika, Me, Sara, Lindsay

Thanks everyone for your awesome support of floral week! 
I encourage you all to plan one for yourself with your favorite pattern or accessory! (It's pretty fun!) 

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