Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Powers of a Sock!

You know how every time you do laundry your washer seems to eat one of the socks of each pair? Well here is an idea for what to do with your left over non-matching socks: Curl your hair! Yes that is right, use one sock to curl your hair! This method is called the sock bun method. It requires one hair tie, and one sock with the toes snipped off.
Check out this great DIY video for steps to do this method!
For skeptics- trust me I was one too... Until I tried it! 

What it looks like at night:

What it looks like in the Morning:

Right before I took it out:

 Video of me taking out the sock bun:
What the Results Look Like: (Front)

(With a headband)

If you have medium/long hair you should definitely try this look! I was so happy with it, and can't wait to try it again! One thing to note is that the curls do fall out a bit towards the end of the day- but you can save the look by pulling it into a pony tail or loose bun. :)
Happy no heat curling!

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