Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1890's Weekend

In some towns they hold huge celebrations for the fourth of July, or Christmas, or Thanksgiving... well my town dedicates an entire weekend to celebrating the 1890's! It's so big someone even created an entire website for it! For music student's 1890's weekend means Marching Band and Prism Concert. My mom and sister came up for the concert to hear me sing a duet with my friend Derek, and in the concert choir's performance of The Laughing Song! I had them get here early enough to experience some of the magic of 1890's weekend... that way the next time they make fun of me for talking about it, they will have experienced it first hand.

Mom and Gabby got into town right before the Parade!
 Our Mascot: the Mansfield Mountie
 The Band!

 The nice part about small towns is knowing everyone 
well enough to scream "sing something" at a group of guys 
and have them come over during a parade and serenade you!
 Thank you my Phi Mu Alpha Boys!
 I melt every single time!
 Littlest cowboy ever? I vote yes!
 After the parade was the fair. 
I don't have many pictures from it aside from the face-painting ones.
SAI did face-painting as our fundraiser!
 I painted vines on Mom!
 A Butterfly for Gabby!

 A tiger on Josh!
 And Gabby painted a girl tiger on me!
 After my painting shift we splurged on a Bloomin' Onion!
 Tigers like bloomin' onions!
 After the fair portion we went to the football game, 
but only to hear the Marching Band play at half time!
When we got there, 
we had the most awkward thing happen. 
We realized the Mansfield Mounties 
were playing the Princeton Tigers.... 
 Despite our appearance of support for the other team- 
we cheered our band on during the show!

After the show we explored the Allen Hall Building, got some Night and Day, went to the Cider Mill, stopped briefly at the library sale, went to the Prism Concert(I performed!), and grabbed some dinner after while watching the fireworks out the window. It was a wonderful day spent with family and friends. I can't wait to go home to visit all of my family for Fall Break! 

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