Friday, January 27, 2012

Tomato Soup Redefined

When you are trying to eat healthy, or spending your days dieting eating can get boring and tricky. Many healthy recipes call for the skills of a chef! Here is one that was shared with me by Kate Burke, my almost sister, and it couldn't be more simple! If you are on the 17 day diet it can be eaten on any cycle, and if you aren't on the 17 day diet, try it anyhow- it's delicious!!

Recipe: Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

1 12oz Can of Diced Tomatoes (the kind seasoned with basil, garlic, and oregano)
1 6oz serving of Plain Greek Yogurt
A bit of Fat Free Parmesan Cheese

Take all ingredients and blend in a blender- (I use the blend or liquify setting).
Heat up the blended soup over the stove!
Garnish with fresh basil if desired!
Eat and Enjoy some guilt free creamy soup! (stores well in fridge)

Like I said, it literally couldn't be more simple!
Happy Healthy Eating! 

*dedicated to all my lovely SAI sisters who are watching their waistlines*

Thursday, January 26, 2012


So this is my first week back at school, with all new classes. Everything has been going well thus far, and I am pretty excited about a few classes I am in. I am really excited about my Intro to Music Tech class, seeing as I really am clueless about a lot of technology! During the first class we went over the course briefly, took a survey, and then Dr. Walters talked to us about MULE. Mansfield University Laptop Ensemble. Crazy, Right?! Basically combining a bunch of different smartphones and other devices Dr. Wetzel wants to lead a group of students in creating an electronic group. I think this is so super fascinating, and I really want to try it out! Here is a video Dr. Walters showed us in Music Tech to give us some idea of what it might be like...

So if you think this is awesome, and go to Mansfield, consider joining! (He will talk more about it at Promenade today)

Monday, January 23, 2012

good ideas for a good day!

Happy First Day Back To School-Mansfield!

I have always loved first days. Of school, of a new year, of a new job, of anything. They offer this feeling of excitement and hope. I believe that I usually make a bigger deal of my first day of school in the fall, but I felt bad leaving my winter first day- out in the cold (pun intended). Here is a post of wonderful winter ideas to celebrate a new beginning for us all. 

Idea 1:
restyle that scarf!

Check out this video posted at Ruche for 3 easy but new ways to style your scarf!
Or watch the video below! 

Idea 2:
 don't be friends with Jack Frost!

What you need:
Spray Bottle
2/3 Vinegar
1/3 water
Just spray on windows and ice will melt away!

Idea 3:
recycle the sweaters that you won't wear!

Learn how to turn a cozy sweater into even cozier mittens!

 Idea 4:
Keep your feet nice and dry!

Learn How and Why 
you should waterproof those shoes this winter!

 Idea 5:
Reorganize your space! 

  Take another tip from Ruche 
and reorganize, and clean your closet! 
Did mine yesterday- (pictures to come)

That is all of the good ideas I could muster up this morning, but there are so many more out there. Take today to think of a few ways to improve your lifestyle for this new beginning!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Leading Lady

I am not exactly sure why, but all of the sudden this line from The Holiday got stuck in my head. I think it's because lately I have been feeling so out of control, like an on-looker in the story of my life. I know it happens to the best of us, but I really want to pull things together and regain some leading lady gumption before the semester begins! Here's the clip- good movie, cute and girly, but worth watching.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Magical Tent of Wonder (which also serves as a Fort)!

A little while ago Gabby and I made a Fort! I had been seeing so many lovely pictures of forts on Pinterest, and other blogs and I wanted one so badly to cozy up in! Lucky for me Gabby also has the spirit and imagination of a five year old so we set out to build a fort. 7 suitcases, 1 tote, 1 picture frame, 1 drying rack, 1 large sheet of cardboard, a few tacks, a shower curtain, a sleeping bag, a quilt, and 7 sheets later... we had ourselves a FORT! enjoy the pictures and video tour below!

The Outside
 Another outside shot!
 Door Closed...
 Door Open!
 Watch this next clip and get the full tour! (So worth it!)
A glance at the lamp, high ceiling, and lights!
 Gabby enjoying the coziness :)
 Me- also clearly being cozy
 Macey returning to reek havoc on the fort... 
or be cute,
who can tell?
 There is enough room to lay on the floor and stretch out!
 And even enough room to stand!
 Me: hard at work
in the fort
writing a blog post, 
about the fort. :)

I hope this post will inspire at least a few of you to make your own fort! 
Happy building!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year

Happy 2012 Folks!

I realized that I have been really neglecting my blog lately, and as part of my new year's resolution, I would love to start blogging more often, especially this month since I am on break. I realized since I have been home that Pinterest has been consuming my life!! Which is fine, I mean it has been ever since I got one, but it isn't an excuse to just ignore my poor blog. Sorry blog, do you forgive me?? (it said yes).

Other than more frequent blogging I am taking on some other new habits. I am back on the 17 day diet. Unfortunately the holidays took a hard hit at my waist line, so I am cycle 1-ing it up to drop some weight before the semester starts up! I might so a post with healthy recipes soon... but only after I try a few more! (can you say healthy onion rings?)... Oh gosh I am drooling already! (if you can't wait look at some of my posts in may and june for inspiration now)

Aside from the blogging, and diet, I also received a sewing machine for Christmas! Hooray! Which makes me want to start a thousand crafty projects. But I am gonna take this slow and possibly document some of the crafts I do for the blog.

There are slews of other things I could write about that I am intending to do/ work on, but I think I will stop there with the "resolution" thing for now. Who says I can't resolve to do something in February, or June!? Actually it wouldn't be a bad idea to do a small monthly resolution....

Now back to blogging, I am looking forward to blogging more and here are some things you might see posts on:
1- healthy recipes
2- sewing projects
3- other diy projects
4- links to funny videos (because everyone deserves smiles)
5- hair/makeup/style photos (can't do much with clothing until I have my wardrobe back)
6- organization
7- cool inspiring ideas!

If there is something you as readers would like me to post about please leave me a comment! I want to write things that are interesting to me, but also others. Give me some love and leave a comment below!