Monday, January 23, 2012

good ideas for a good day!

Happy First Day Back To School-Mansfield!

I have always loved first days. Of school, of a new year, of a new job, of anything. They offer this feeling of excitement and hope. I believe that I usually make a bigger deal of my first day of school in the fall, but I felt bad leaving my winter first day- out in the cold (pun intended). Here is a post of wonderful winter ideas to celebrate a new beginning for us all. 

Idea 1:
restyle that scarf!

Check out this video posted at Ruche for 3 easy but new ways to style your scarf!
Or watch the video below! 

Idea 2:
 don't be friends with Jack Frost!

What you need:
Spray Bottle
2/3 Vinegar
1/3 water
Just spray on windows and ice will melt away!

Idea 3:
recycle the sweaters that you won't wear!

Learn how to turn a cozy sweater into even cozier mittens!

 Idea 4:
Keep your feet nice and dry!

Learn How and Why 
you should waterproof those shoes this winter!

 Idea 5:
Reorganize your space! 

  Take another tip from Ruche 
and reorganize, and clean your closet! 
Did mine yesterday- (pictures to come)

That is all of the good ideas I could muster up this morning, but there are so many more out there. Take today to think of a few ways to improve your lifestyle for this new beginning!

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