Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ukulele's Rock

I don't know why I have never blogged about her... but for sometime now I have been in love with this singer named Danielle Anderson. Her stage name is Danielle Ate the Sandwich, and I love her sound. I have yet to purchase a CD but today might be the day... I hate being a poor college student! Check her out!
I like this song a lot :) Her lyrics are really wonderful too.
Check out her other music though, so much of it is great. On youtube she does a lot of covers. 
Her bad romance cover is amazing...
Enjoy..... :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shadow Box

As some of you may know I am in an organization called SAI at my school. I am editor and in charge of most creative aspects of our organization. We have this thing called our Shadow Box. It is a big case that we can display our SAI stuff in. Stuff being pictures, chapter certificate, a member directory, history stuff... anything we want really. So long story short it is time to change the display. The previous display was nice, but I want this to look really different and have a really creative feel.

This is what the box looks like now:

I have a few ideas...
The first being trees! not only will it give it a more nature friendly feel, but the symbolism of a tree might represent the family trees in SAI. Here is what I am thinking.
This picture gave me the idea of using a tree outline rather than becoming a lumberjack and cutting down a real tree.
So I bought this black board thing. 2 of them actually. Think of it like thick poster board.
This is how the size of the board compares... and remember I have 2.

Now if I am doing outlines of a tree or trees I need to choose a style... Here are 2 types I sorta liked. I need opinions.
Now these trees need to work as a background for the other things. Which brings us to my second idea. How will I display the pictures. Right now there are a bunch of them taped on the walls, so I want to change it up... and use a clothesline style display. sorta like these:

I bought enough cord to do 2 different lines and i bought clothes pins to attach them.
The third idea was flowers. Originally I had this pot that we used for something in the sister hood an thought I could fill it with flowers and use it in the display. Sorta like this:

but the more I think about it the more I wish that I could create a feel like this:

So those are my ideas right now, I could use suggestions on how to get these ideas more polished and actually in the case! I hope this turns out well!
Also if I want to change the background color I could buy fabric to drape, same with the ground. And I have a glass shelf that can be moved to any height that is available for use as well.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


 Hanging out at Jesse's house is always an adventure!
 I never had experienced true love until these deep fried oreos.
 Most delicious salad ever!
 Ryan played me some of his songs... I love having music friends
 Mom's Surprise Birthday Party
 My best deal at Walmart ever... someone must have priced it wrong!
 Multi-cultural lunch day :)
 Jesse teaching me Portuguese
 There are no words to explain how much I loved this recital.
 What I love about living in the Mountains
 Spooks... "Ryan's" cat
 My musical boys <3
 Valentine's Day at Rehearsal
 I made monkey hats!
 My magical spring ACDA board!
 Eurhythmics... enough said
 Reasons why I love Derek!
 Aaran's Birthday Breakfast at Grandma's Kitchen
 Snow day lunch at Night and Day
 My "pool scene" costume
 Opening Night cast of Drowsy Chaperone
 Snow day number 4...
 We are serious about our energy drinks!
 Closing Night. My last show with Prof. Crum :(
American Spritual Ensemble Concert. There are no words.