Saturday, March 5, 2011


 Hanging out at Jesse's house is always an adventure!
 I never had experienced true love until these deep fried oreos.
 Most delicious salad ever!
 Ryan played me some of his songs... I love having music friends
 Mom's Surprise Birthday Party
 My best deal at Walmart ever... someone must have priced it wrong!
 Multi-cultural lunch day :)
 Jesse teaching me Portuguese
 There are no words to explain how much I loved this recital.
 What I love about living in the Mountains
 Spooks... "Ryan's" cat
 My musical boys <3
 Valentine's Day at Rehearsal
 I made monkey hats!
 My magical spring ACDA board!
 Eurhythmics... enough said
 Reasons why I love Derek!
 Aaran's Birthday Breakfast at Grandma's Kitchen
 Snow day lunch at Night and Day
 My "pool scene" costume
 Opening Night cast of Drowsy Chaperone
 Snow day number 4...
 We are serious about our energy drinks!
 Closing Night. My last show with Prof. Crum :(
American Spritual Ensemble Concert. There are no words.

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