Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shadow Box

As some of you may know I am in an organization called SAI at my school. I am editor and in charge of most creative aspects of our organization. We have this thing called our Shadow Box. It is a big case that we can display our SAI stuff in. Stuff being pictures, chapter certificate, a member directory, history stuff... anything we want really. So long story short it is time to change the display. The previous display was nice, but I want this to look really different and have a really creative feel.

This is what the box looks like now:

I have a few ideas...
The first being trees! not only will it give it a more nature friendly feel, but the symbolism of a tree might represent the family trees in SAI. Here is what I am thinking.
This picture gave me the idea of using a tree outline rather than becoming a lumberjack and cutting down a real tree.
So I bought this black board thing. 2 of them actually. Think of it like thick poster board.
This is how the size of the board compares... and remember I have 2.

Now if I am doing outlines of a tree or trees I need to choose a style... Here are 2 types I sorta liked. I need opinions.
Now these trees need to work as a background for the other things. Which brings us to my second idea. How will I display the pictures. Right now there are a bunch of them taped on the walls, so I want to change it up... and use a clothesline style display. sorta like these:

I bought enough cord to do 2 different lines and i bought clothes pins to attach them.
The third idea was flowers. Originally I had this pot that we used for something in the sister hood an thought I could fill it with flowers and use it in the display. Sorta like this:

but the more I think about it the more I wish that I could create a feel like this:

So those are my ideas right now, I could use suggestions on how to get these ideas more polished and actually in the case! I hope this turns out well!
Also if I want to change the background color I could buy fabric to drape, same with the ground. And I have a glass shelf that can be moved to any height that is available for use as well.

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