Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year

Happy 2012 Folks!

I realized that I have been really neglecting my blog lately, and as part of my new year's resolution, I would love to start blogging more often, especially this month since I am on break. I realized since I have been home that Pinterest has been consuming my life!! Which is fine, I mean it has been ever since I got one, but it isn't an excuse to just ignore my poor blog. Sorry blog, do you forgive me?? (it said yes).

Other than more frequent blogging I am taking on some other new habits. I am back on the 17 day diet. Unfortunately the holidays took a hard hit at my waist line, so I am cycle 1-ing it up to drop some weight before the semester starts up! I might so a post with healthy recipes soon... but only after I try a few more! (can you say healthy onion rings?)... Oh gosh I am drooling already! (if you can't wait look at some of my posts in may and june for inspiration now)

Aside from the blogging, and diet, I also received a sewing machine for Christmas! Hooray! Which makes me want to start a thousand crafty projects. But I am gonna take this slow and possibly document some of the crafts I do for the blog.

There are slews of other things I could write about that I am intending to do/ work on, but I think I will stop there with the "resolution" thing for now. Who says I can't resolve to do something in February, or June!? Actually it wouldn't be a bad idea to do a small monthly resolution....

Now back to blogging, I am looking forward to blogging more and here are some things you might see posts on:
1- healthy recipes
2- sewing projects
3- other diy projects
4- links to funny videos (because everyone deserves smiles)
5- hair/makeup/style photos (can't do much with clothing until I have my wardrobe back)
6- organization
7- cool inspiring ideas!

If there is something you as readers would like me to post about please leave me a comment! I want to write things that are interesting to me, but also others. Give me some love and leave a comment below!

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