Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have yourself a very Ugly Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! This week I have really been in the Christmas Spirit, Family time, Shopping, Movies, Food, Pictures, and most of all Ugly Sweaters. Our Second annual Ugly Sweater Party happened this past Sunday and it was a smashing success! We were sad not all of our original party guests from year one were able to attend, but we were excited for our new comers, and gladly welcomed them into our tradition! 
Here are select photos from the evening (most taken in front of our tacky photo backdrop!)
Enjoy the ugly- try not to throw up!


 Kissing Kitten: Josh & Alyssa
 Glitter & Glitz: Audrey & Gabby
 The Christmas Lick: Justin & Kate
 Awkward Couples Pose: Danielle & Eric
 Reindeer Games: Brian & Danielle
 Snowball Fight: Kelley & Danielle
 The Ladies:
 The Men:
 The Family:

In case you are wondering who won the categories... here they are:
Ugly Sweater Champion: Alyssa Magee
Most Festive Sweater: Eric Glynn
Most Creative Sweater: Josh Lowery
Best head-to-toe outfit: Alyssa Magee

We had a fabulous evening full of food, fun, 
and rating videos of fireplaces on youtube for quality. 

Thanks all for reading, Merry Christmas!

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