Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ugly Sweater Contest

Judgement Day is Here!

Now is the time for your feedback on Ugly Sweater week. I have 11 excited participants who wanted themselves entered into the ugliest sweater contest. Here is the format. Their name will be displayed above the picture, and a description will be below. Voting is at the bottom! Thanks to all the many individuals who participated in this week. Sorry if you had a sweater and you forgot to submit- but I couldn't wait any longer! 

Alex was proud to be rocking this sweater which he originally found in the ladies section at the good will! Not only was it popular for it's burnt orange and brown colors but the zip up made it both convenient and easy to take on and off as necessary (although who would ever want to take this beauty off?). Alex is sure that this picture will make his mom proud!
 Arielle donned this sweater in hopes that she would brighten up people's days and get them into the holiday spirit. Instead, her sweater sent 4 people rushing to the bathroom to vomit from the ugliness. This sweater has no place around Christmas time because it will most likely frighten everyone away! 

Dr. Walters
 Dr. Walters joined in some ugly fun and dug this gem out of the back of his closet. He was caught saying "well it's not THAT ugly," although some of his theory students may have disagreed! One student said, "I couldn't focus on anything in theory all I kept doing was staring at his left shoulder asking myself... is that a pork-chop?"

 Fearlessly participating from afar, here, Gabrielle sports a wonderful specimen of a sweater that was not purchased for this event, but to wear in everyday life. The sweater itself is a curiosity because of its summer-time rose theme, making it both splendidly hideous and deliciously ironic to wear in December. Pfft, ugly sweaters for the summer... if only!

 Jessica is sporting a vintage red and black velvet v-neck sweater. You might notice that the sleeves don't quite reach her wrists. This is because this sweater originally belonged to her grandmother who was dedicated to the grandma look even when she was training to be the best arm wrestler in the world. Her theory? "If I can see my forearm during the match, i can figure out how much muscle to use." The crazy pattern didn't hurt when it was distracting her opponents. Her granddaughter can only hope one day to get as much glory out of this ugly sweater as she did. Don't be surprised when you see Jessica on a Wheaties box showing off her sweater accented guns.

 You might be surprised to learn that the picture above is not of a where's waldo scene... in fact it is a lovely sweater! Josh wore this sweater proudly displaying his love of golf and ugly things. Josh's favorite feature about this sweater is that no matter where he goes he always has people with him, which is quite suitable for his warm personality and friendly demeanor. 

 Natalie opted for a classic pet portrait sweater to celebrate ugly sweater week. Throughout the day she was kicked out of multiple classes and other buildings because of the 'no dogs allowed policy.' Natalie was caught three times petting the dogs on her sweater, talking to them, and trying to get them to perform tricks. These life like dogs seemed to be confusing everyone! 
 Nicole made a special trip to the thrift store and dug through mounds of ugliness to find 'the black swan sweater.' Not only was she confused with Natalie Portman 4 times that day, but she was also asked to perform in Swan Lake with her sweater. She truly knows how make ugly sweaters work!

 Peter displays above what I like to call 'the bloody zebra' sweater. The gray/white and black print of the sweater is splashed with a festive blood red shade. He sent students running from how ugly his sweater was when he unveiled it in soupy. However a few people were caught racing to get their photo with him because they had never seen an uglier sweater!

 I know what you're thinking and you can stop right there, no, Sarah doesn't model ugly sweaters for a living.  Please take a moment to appreciate her decorated collar in all its splendor.  Also, come to appreciate the amazingly high 'Michael Jackson' style shoulders.  Then, look carefully at her right shoulder, you will come to notice a pointsettia plant perched there, then, as if that wasn't enough, there is a flower stem that traces down the front of the sweater.  Not pictured are the equally decorated cuffs of the sleeves.  Then, as if everything going on here wasn't enough, the fine makers of this sweater decided they would add a cable knit down the front of the sweater, because this sweater is all about subtlety.  

 Sydney is rocking her finest sweater above. She thrives on the minimalist approach that the sweater makers took when creating this sweater. During the day multiple people had to take medicine to stop the blazing headaches that Sydney's sweater created. This sweater in conjunction with Sydney's winning cackle made it clear that she is on the right path to becoming a crazy old lady.


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