Monday, September 5, 2011

Sol- a needle pulling thread

In my last post I mentioned a few fall goals of mine, playing the Ukulele, creating some artwork, making my own clothing. Well this past labor day weekend I decided to finally tackle my goal of making a skirt! All summer I bought fabrics and patterns and materials for dresses or skirts, but was too chicken to just sit down and try it- the patterns seemed like they had so many parts to them- I was freaking out about being in too deep. So amidst my blog reading a particular skirt caught my eye on What Would a Nerd Wear. I checked where the skirt was from and saw "homemade" listed... and lucky me- Tania provided the link to a diy tutorial! It was sort of funny because I remember noticing this skirt in previous pictures on her blog- and even being directed to the tutorial before- so I decided I was just gonna try it. I had some fabric that I purchased for $1 at a thrift store this summer- (it was actually a curtain)- and decided to make it into this skirt! Not gonna lie I sorta felt like Maria from the sound of music turning curtains into clothes--- anyhow...Here is my finished product below!

(I even made pockets!)

Special thanks to Josh for taking the pictures for me! :)

If you are wanting to tackle making your own clothes I totally recommend this DIY skirt! All you need is a sewing machine and some common sense!

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  1. wow it looks beautiful! and i love the pattern of the skirt and the embellishment of the top--so pretty together!