Sunday, October 2, 2011

17 again...

I'm doing 17 again.. and I don't mean the Zac Efron movie! I am starting the 17 day diet again. It worked really well for me this summer, but since school has been back in session I haven't managed to keep my healthy eating at all, which means I did put a few pounds back on. Either way I still have lots of weight to lose before reaching my total weight goal, so another round of 17day diet will be good for me.

If you haven't heard anything about it, or haven't read my summer posts on it here is a little video to give you an idea:

Tomorrow is day one. I am both scared and excited, being in school I feel like their are way more horrible food opportunities! This means it will be a great way to test my self discipline... If anyone is interested in doing the diet with me- let me know and maybe we can even make a club or something if there are a few of us. ;)

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