Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Other Danielle...

In high school I had a couple really close girlfriends, and a strong group of friends that we all spent time with doing shows, at school, or just spending time together. One of my best friends is named Danielle. We are basically made for each other... When we met through our older siblings in high school, and became great friends during the first year, we knew this wasn't just a three year thing- this friendship was going to last forever. It's true since high school we have parted our ways a bit, she is living in NYC and I am stuck in small-town, PA, but nevertheless we still share an unspeakable bond of friendship. It's amazing that we could go months without really getting a chance to talk then have lunch together and can still completely understand and relate to one another. I have few friends who I can claim to be this close to, but I feel blessed to have Danielle and those others in my life.

 Danielle, Meagan, Me

Now that you know a little about Danielle- I wanted to share her blog with all of you. She's as creative and artsy as myself- if not more, she has a lot of the same passions, so chances are if you like my blog, you probably will like hers. So check it out, and subscribe :) She's a lovely person that would be wonderful to get to know.

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