Thursday, October 20, 2011

announcing: Ugly Sweater Week

Dear Readers,

Remember how Floral week happened awhile ago? Well I have been pretty slack on doing any other type of theme week... So I am going to plan ahead this time. Based off of a very successful good will trip with my mom I would like to announce: Ugly Sweater week! This will take place Nov 27th until Dec 3 (The week after Thanksgiving). I would make it sooner but I want people to have the chance to collect sweaters and also I would like Christmas sweaters to be acceptable during that week. Now it's true that you will see me sporting a different ugly sweater everyday- however I don't want to find myself alone in this endeavor! So all of you at Mansfield- or readers everywhere bust out those festive sweaters! (hit the thrift shops or raid grandma's closet). Even if you don't have enough to celebrate all week join me in the fun any day you can!

Also plan on taking photos of your efforts that week and send them to me- they will definitely end up on my blog :) I would also like to have a prize for the photo submission that readers vote is the ugliest!

I am exploring the option of ending the week with an Ugly Sweater Party too!

Stay tuned for more info.. but in the mean time here is some inspiration :)

Happy Planning :)

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