Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Musical Inspiration

So today in masterclass I heard Daniela sing a lovely rendition of "Mein herr marquis" from J. Strauss's Fledermaus and it made me wish I had a lighter more flexible soprano voice. I started complaining to Sarah how none of my music is light and playful like that, it's all so dramatic! And Sarah complained the opposite, that she never sang dramatic sounding things. Later today when I was practicing my music I realized again how lovely it is. Here are some inspirational videos for "bigger soprano voices" :) Je Dis, Morgen!, and several of the hermit songs will be on my senior recital, and "Songs My Mother Taught Me" is just a wonderful piece I stumbled on today while watching videos. The Ride of the Valkyries is a glorious scene by Wagner, with an amazing set and the epitome of celebrating big soprano voices. Happy viewing!

"Je Dis", Michela's Aria from Carmen- Bizet

"Morgen!"- Richard Strauss

Hermit Songs: "Sea Snatch, Promiscutiy, Monk and His Cat, Praises to God, and Desire for Hermitage"- Samuel Barber

"Ride of the Valkyries"- Wagner

(Stumbled across this tonight, absolutely stunning!)
"Songs my Mother Taught Me"-Dvořák

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