Friday, November 11, 2011

The Magic Flute- On and Off Stage

This year at school our Opera is The Magic Flute. I am playing the part of the First Lady, and really loving it! The show is this weekend Friday and Saturday at 7:30, and Sunday at 2:30- and FREE!

I was really excited for dress rehearsals to start and couldn't wait to find out about hair and makeup for my part! Our director's instructions came out something like "Dark intense makeup, and really crazy hair- the bigger the better." These abstract directions were enough for me to figure something out, but the other girls playing the Ladies and Queen didn't really have an idea of how to execute it- so I decided to take charge of makeup and hair for those parts. Slowly throughout the week more and more people kept asking me about hair and makeup advice and voila- I am now acting as the hair and makeup designer for the show. It's pretty exciting and I really love it. Some of the cast was just fine figuring stuff out on their own and I just used some guided instructions for those without as clear of a vision. However, the Ladies and Queen makeup, along with some ideas for the spirits and Papagena have basically been my baby this past week. I have spent so much time looking for hair and makeup inspiration it has gotten a bit crazy! 
Either way- anytime I do anything I give it my absolute all- so I wanted to share with you all the hard work I am putting into this show's makeup/hair design! 

Here are my inspiration collages for the Queen and her Ladies-
Each board represents a different character- the hair styles, makeup, and colors act as inspiration for the design itself! 

The Queen:
Black and Silver eye makeup
Strong Dark Brows
Crazy "mohawk" of teased hair

First Lady:
Long teased out hair with tons of curls with some volume on top
Greens on the eyes to contrast a red dress

Second Lady:
Short dark teased out hair, bump in the center
Blue eye color  to contrast gold dress

Third Lady:
Enormous Beehive, but more teasing
Purple and Pink on the eyes for her blue dress 

This is only one aspect of the planning I have put into this, check out my Opera Inspiration Pinboard on Pinterest to see MANY inspiring photos for these parts and more!

After the show is over I will be posting the results of the designs- 
I would post some now but don't want to spoil it for those planning on attending!

Hope to see you there!

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