Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Love

I have to apologize I haven't been posting as much lately. I have found myself really wrapped up in school lately. I will try to fix that the next free time I get.... I have some good posts ideas: talking about relay for life, and amazing recipe I tried, and so much more!

In the mean time why don't you check out a few blogs near and dear to my heart...
....after all Sharing is Caring!

A very creative young lady, small business owner who puts up so many creative posts. I am constantly inspired by her and her blog to keep developing mine, being creative, and following my dreams! Food, Fashion, Crafts, Photos, a little bit of everything lovely.

 A young mother of 3 I believe who has her own scrapbooking line. She posts personal things, scrapbook tutorials, crafts, photo projects, and sometimes fashion posts. I hope I can be as cute as she is when I have kids!

 My Sister's friend Amelia- whom is an amazing photographer. I love looking at her work- it's beautiful! 

Friends & Family: 
 Sarah's trip to AZ and eventually back...
Ryan's teaching experiences!
 Heather's blog about her life including my adorable nephew Ben!
My mom's new blog, about life in MA. 
My sister's blog, she originally inspired me to start one. I am glad we share this passion!
Peter's blog about everything theater! So much knowledge that he is happy to share!

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