Monday, April 30, 2012

The Sound of Music: Final Bow.

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to go to NYC and sing with the Mansfield University Women's Choir as the nuns chorus in the Carnegie Hall production of the Sound of Music! The trip was amazing to say the least. Not only did Carnegie pay our way, put us up in a hotel, and pay for all our meals- but the staff was amazing there! I wrote a reflection about the trip as requested by Dr. J├╝rgen Thym (Dr. Dettwiler's husband)! Here is the reflection below. It's a little sappy so be ready for mushiness before you read it :) Enjoy! 


This semester I had the privilege of playing the role of Maria in the Sound of Music on the Mansfield stage! I was so happy and proud to play such a large role in Mansfield's production for my final year. I loved every second of the opportunity, and as we reached performance weekend I didn't want it to end. The other cast members seemed a little worn out and happy to finally be finishing the show, but during the final performance I could only think how much I was going to miss being Maria and miss being apart of this beautiful and inspiring show: But then I remembered it wasn't over for me yet. Yes, I was finished playing the role of Maria, but I was not finished with the show! I would get one more shot at being in this production as a nun with the women's chorus in Carnegie Hall! This was a sincere blessing to me and pleasure to be apart of.

As the weekend of the Carnegie performance approached I felt myself growing anxious and excited to see what it would be like. I have worked once before in the hall and was excited to go back! From the moment we stepped inside the doors of the theater I knew that this trip would be something special and meaningful to me. At our first rehearsal I was blown away with the way we sounded singing in the hall, at our second rehearsal I was blown away with the professional actors and actresses who were in the cast. One thing that really struck me was their amazing personalities. They were not only talented, but funny and kind as well. The entire cast and crew received our choir very well and treated us like professionals. The morning of the show came and I started feeling a little more sentimental. I sat on stage watching the entire show unfold before me and kept thinking back to our show at Mansfield. I thought about all the moments I had with the children, with my costar and best friend, Derek Gracey, and our fabulous directors. I felt so lucky to get to relive the show and be apart of it again.

One particular moment of the performance really struck me; The final scene in Act 1, where Maria leaves the family and goes back to the abbey because she realized she had feelings for the Captain. I watched as Maria spoke to Mother Abbess about her mixed emotions, and remembered the way I felt when I did that scene. Mother Abbess began to sing Climb Every Mountain, and my mind started racing. I thought about how beautiful the song was, and that it's messages of overcoming obstacles and following your dreams were exactly what we were doing! As a choir we had reached for our dreams and made it! I felt so overcome with emotions both reminiscent and present that my eyes started to fill with tears. I kept in the tears until I was off stage for intermission, but couldn't hold them in once I made it to the elevator. I cried because I was so happy and thankful to be apart of such a moving and inspiring production.

I enjoyed every minute of the whole weekend, and leaving NYC that day was like saying goodbye to an old friend. I might have said goodbye to the Sound of Music for now, but every tune holds a special meaning to me and will continue to sing on in my head; reminding me of the power of music and that dreams can come true if we are willing to climb the mountains in our way.

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