Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saying I'm Sorry with Scones

Dearest Readers,

I must give my sincere apologies for not posting in- well way too long of a time. This was not however by choice. The other day I was having a quick lunch and using my computer to finish up some homework- I was running late for a lesson so I hastily got up and knocked half a glass of V8 juice onto my laptop. *insert gasps and sympathetic looks here* This all happened last Wednesday, I believe- So here I was with a soaking wet computer late for my voice lesson in a tizzy! I shut it off wiped it down and left it upside down to dry for 3 days before I attempted turing it on. Needless to say when I tried turning it on- nothing good happened. Cut to me racing to the computer place downtown to drop it off- on Saturday before they closed since I went out of town to NYC from Sunday until Wed(That is a whole other blog post in itself). I finally heard back on the prognosis of the computer... and I quote "Your laptop is basically a glorified paperweight." She could have been a little kinder with her words. They managed to pull most of my files off- but I haven't had time to check through them to see if anything was lost. So now all I have is an external hard drive and a 'glorified paperweight." :/ So this dear readers is the reason why my blog has been so quiet lately- I managed to snag my boyfriend's computer for the evening- and will be borrowing my very generous stepfather's laptop for the last 2 weeks of school!

On a not so depressing note... My recital is coming up. If you would like to come check out details!
And in the mean time I would like to apologizing for this hitch in my blog posting by sharing this super cute post my mom did about scone making (it has to do with my recital too). I love her so much- and after you read this post you will only begin to understand a fraction of the reasons why!

Have a delicious day- but keep those tasty treats away from your computers!

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