Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Wear-drobe

I recently have realized the massive amount of clothing and other accessories I own... Right now at school I manage to fill 2 entire closets, and still have to keep sweaters and several shoes in other storage places. I might do a tally of all the things I own- it would indeed be informative. Earlier this year I decided that I should attempt to wear my entire wardrobe, what good is a closet full of clothing if I never wear it all? Here are some pictures to help better understand what I have available to me- and how I organize it all! Recently I started organizing my clothes differently to help me know what I have worn. (I wish I had started taking pictures of all the outfits- but alas I did not) However, it's never too late to start- I might make a series called "the wear-drobe" containing different outfits from my closet! 

Wooden closet: Contains all tops (excluding sweaters and blazers), most of my shoes, jeans, shorts/capris and other casual pants.

Hangers: Not only color coded for easy retrieval, but now the direction the hanger faces tells me if it has been worn yet! 

Dress-up Closet: This closet contains all my dresses, dress pants, blazers, skirts, tights, underwear, bras, socks, pajamas, purses, hats, belts, and light weight scarves. I don't do the hanger method in this closet because I have an easier time remembering which ones I wore/didn't wear

Where do I keep the things that won't fit in my closet? Sometimes I move out of season clothes to a bin- where I usually keep winter coats. My sweaters hang out in a comfy three drawer organizer in the hallway near a basket of winter scarves, a full length mirror, and a small whiteboard that I keep the weather for the week on! My overflow shoes found their way under my bed into a closet shoe organizer tipped sideways.

All of these things, help me stay semi-organized, and are assisting in helping me complete my goal of wearing all the stuff in my closet, so I can turn my wear-drobe into a wore-drobe!

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  1. This is awesome, I did something similar a couple months ago. The different facing hangers really help in determining what to wear! And I was able to figure out what I wear a lot and what are my favorite pieces.