Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who's Who in the Sound of Music: Directors Edition

When considering the Sound of Music, it is easy to get hyped up about the cast, and the children, and even the orchestra- but sometimes people forget about how much dedication and work the directors do! Recognition on their behalf is certainly needed, so this post goes out to them! Below is a video with interviews with Prof. Crum, Dr. Monkelien, and Dr. Dettwiler! (Video contains clips of staging, set, orchestra, and music rehearsals)


Dr. Monkelien kindly provided me with more info on her perspective of this show!
What has working on this show been like, in general and in comparison with past shows?
This show has been in some ways easier and in others more challenging.  I grew up with the show, so know it very well.  Since I knew the music and lyrics, it made preparation easier. 
What has been a challenge of working on this show? 
Working with children has been the challenge – you never know what they are going to do on stage.  In preparing them for the music, you have to use repetition or they will forget things.  With college students, they learn it at the beginning of the rehearsal process and have an easier time remembering the music.  With kids, they have to go over it many times every day to be sure that they don’t forget.

Have you ever been involved with a different production of the Sound of Music?
I have never been in the show or worked on a production until this year.  It was just always one of my favorites.

What is your favorite song or scene from the show?
I really like the Lonely Goatherd as the song to calm the children during the storm.  There is so much energy from the kids and Maria that it makes it really fun!

If you had to pick one character you would want to play (not accounting for age or gender)- who would it be?
I think it would be Louisa.  She is a little stinker and likes to play tricks.  I think that is very different from what I was like as a child and being a little ornery would be fun!

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