Saturday, December 18, 2010

And so it begins

I have set out on a new and exciting adventure. It just recently occurred to me that my life is happening so fast, I feel like it is hard to slow down and really appreciate what is around me. At school I find myself so busy I hardly have anytime to write about my thoughts or partake in other hobbies. I love art: drawing, photography, painting, etc. I miss it and I never have the time at school for it. I have decided I want to try an experiement, one that will get me appreciating the world around me and partaking in some of my favorite hobbies.

Awhile ago I saw a website where a man took a picture everyday for 20 years, sometimes of him, mostly of just other things. I like to think of it like a photo journal. I wanted to launch a year long project for myself starting 2011. There will only be one picture chosen perday, everyday. To see how managable it was I did a trial week. (Monday-Saturday):

here is my week:

Monday- Dec 13, 2010
Finals week, I practically lived in the Library!

Tuesday- Dec 14, 2010
Lunch with friends at jazzman's cafe. I was admiring the lovely view!

Wednesday- Dec 15, 2010
Picture of Daniela, me, and Sarah feeling ashamed after our juries. 

Thursday- Dec 16, 2010
Downtown Corning, breathtaking.

Friday- Dec 17, 2010
Derek, Alex, and Josh pranked our house!

Saturday- Dec 18, 2010
Mom's intense pile of Christmas presents!

I like to think that this week was successful! :) and I am really looking forward to developing this project further, and I can't wait to start into the New Year. I have plans to try and continue everyday from now until the New Year because it is good practice. Wish me luck!

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