Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wordy Wonderment

My new home is quite lovely, a little bit of a typical "college house", however still pretty great. One thing that I noticed was missing was wall art. We have white walls in every room except the bedrooms. Over the summer I decided I was going to be crafty and make something to hang, it will go in the kitchen, hall, or living room. Most likely kitchen. I bought a wood frame and stretched some big floral print fabric over it. I bought another fabric which I will sew on to the base, with some saying. Here is the issue I don't know what saying to use. I need quote ideas! 

some brainstorming: 
home is where you are.
Live. Laugh. Love.
Eat. Pray. Love. 
Home sweet home. 

I don't know! Everything I think of sounds silly. So please help.
 Short is key, but something I actually like is more important. 

While searching the internet for ideas I came across some very interesting ideas for wall decor. 

A tea cup clock..... So so so awesome! 

Pinwheel wall decorations... easy and cute <3

please if you have a good idea toss it my way. I want to get this thing made, but can't decide on what to write! 

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