Tuesday, August 10, 2010

timwill not disappoint

I was looking up photos of Old Sheldon church, in SC and came across some bridal photos that had been done there. I decided after looking at a couple from the shoot I loved them, and I tripped on the blog of the photographer who did them. To my delight he does many wedding photos, and several other varieties. I spent hours looking through his pictures I love them. Every wedding seemed so different but every time he seemed to be able to capture the people's real emotions on the film. Some of the shots were simply breath taking, like shots from a fairytale, or even just a good romance movie :) enjoy and be sure to check out his(Tim Willoughby's) stuff!

Just the Brides:

Engagement Photos:

Group Shots:

Bride and Groom:

Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to have him shoot my wedding :)

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  1. you should also look at some of my friend Amelia's engagement photos