Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Magic Number

What if you were on a deserted island and you could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?

The better question is what if you were forced to limit your worldly possessions to 100 things, what would you keep?

A woman named Tammy Strobel became famous for participating in this minimalist challenge. She states that even though it isn't easy it really makes you decide what is important. You start to realize that maybe just maybe all the shopping and material things may not be the key to happiness after all.

Her List is pretty detailed and defined. Her and her husband got rid of their cars, of the television, and lots of other things our society knows as "essentials."

Thinking about my own possessions I feel shameful in comparison. I have loads of clothing, accessories, shoes, purses. And that is just clothing. Not to even get into books, journals, art, and so much more.
I started thinking about what if i got rid of lots of my books? I mean I guess I would have to go to a library more often. What if I got rid of lots of my clothes? Well I probably wouldn't miss a lot of it, I do that silly thing of keeping old clothes I wish I could fit into still. It really does make sense to trim down our material baggage, and would be super convenient for moving around, or trying to save some extra cash.

Now don't freak out- I'm not selling my car or going to give up all of my childhood keepsakes. But I am going to take this to heart. The whole try and not buy buy buy. recycle, refresh, reuse, limit yourself. Perhaps I will do another round of spring cleaning, and give some more stuff away. heck maybe I can even sell some stuff and put it towards my Europe trip fund.We shall see :)

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