Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer!

So today is the very first day of summer, and so far I have spent 8 1/2 hours working. The rest of my hours have been spent showering, eating, etc. I do want to do something to really celebrate the start of summer, but I wasn't sure what. Ruche posted an entry about summer- and I loved their ideas:

15 Ideas to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

* Instead of sitting inside, take your lunch break out into the sunshine.
* Treat yourself to your favorite frozen snack.
* Grab a friend and head to the beach.
* Eat your dinner outside.
* Fall asleep with the windows open.
* Roll around in fresh-cut grass.
* Make fresh lemonade.
* Eat a fruit salad.
* Start a summer scrapbook.
* Pick flowers.
* Go backyard camping with your friends.
* Have a beach bonfire and make s'mores.
* Catch fireflies.
* Watch the sunset.
* Bake a homemade pie.

Unfortunately- many of their ideas I can't really do. Whether lack of beach, wrong time of day, or stuff I can't eat- it just isn't going to happen.

So here are a few of my ideas:
-take a walk
-play frisbee
-make homemade popsicles
-blow bubbles
-have a picnic
-take pictures outside
-wear a summery-sundress
-enjoy and ice cold glass of your favorite drink

I decided on playing Frisbee with Jesse :) And I was terrified at first- but I wasn't nearly as bad at it as I thought! pictures to come....and there will be a picnic tomorrow!!


  1. yesterday i literally did 9 of those things, lol

  2. Haha Gabby that is fabulous! :)