Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dreaming of Carnivals

So to those of you who know me well- you know that my brain sometimes operates like the brain of a child. I think.... "I want to do this"... then, instead of having an adult response to it: pushing away any ideas that could be easily confused with dreams, I respond like a child-... "OK, I am gonna do it."

Now some of you may think that it's stupid that I constantly follow my dreams or that when I come up with schemes and adventures I actually do my best to make them happen. I think of it more like a gift. One time I wanted to go to NYC and sing with Eric Whitacre so despite the money challenge I did it, this summer I wanted to travel to Europe for 2 weeks with my choir, and despite the money I totally raised enough!

Well the other day I was online looking at photography and blogs- and I saw a post on Dear Lizzy about carnivals, and I got the insatiable need to find the closest carnival and have some summer fun!

One problem- no carnivals in sight... so I got to thinking where could I go that there would absolutely be a carnival- then it hit me... THE BEACH! When I was a kid we used to visit my uncle in New Jersey, and there was a boardwalk with a little carnival area. So not only was I dying to go to a carnival- I also was dying to go to the beach!

Most people at this point would say.. 'Drop the idea Danielle- there is no way you can go find a beach boardwalk, it would be too far, too expensive, and no one would be able to go with you!' So naturally I said... "I am gonna make it happen!"

One day, and many phone calls later.... I am planning to drive to NJ to stay with my Uncle and his family for a day or two. I have 3 friends who are coming- and we are gonna do it for only $40 per person! It seemed like fate when I found out, Daniela and Josh had the same days off from work this week- (and Nate was available too!)

We are leaving Thursday night after we get off work and driving through the night- spending all day on the beach Friday and part of the day Saturday! I honestly am so excited for this trip.. it's the perfect Pre-Choir-Tour-Europe-Trip-Getaway

It's nice to know that I can still come up with crazy ideas and spontaneous trips and make them happen. :)

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