Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 11- June

Today was a lovely day. June 1st- I woke up rather pleasantly and laid in front of my fan reading my June issue of Vogue for a bit. Number one- in one article the writer quoted Sondheim- "Pretty is what changes"- this was neat because I felt like I had an inside joke with the writer- something that I understood and figured probably many other readers thought Sondheim was a fashion guru. After spending some time on me I realized that I haven't focused on "me" in awhile- not really. So I decided to declare June- the month of me. I think we all deserve a little time to get to know ourselves better, and I also decided the thought for this month will be: "Do what makes you happy." Now- nobody get the wrong idea I won't be selfish and tune others out, think of it more as me making a commitment to myself to learn how to make me happy (with or without the assistance of others).

To kick off the month of me I took a nice long shower, did my nails and eyebrows and didn't bother with makeup or blow drying my hair. I put a bit of makeup on before going to the store and my hair danced between a tight twist bun, a side braid, and a lose side bun. Either way it was nice.
In the afternoon after my very uneventful brunch of yogurt and grapes I made some necessary calling around to schedule some things and find out about my new work schedule at Lambs Creek.

I made a shopping trip to Weis later and even got myself a Weis Card to get discounts and such. I bought some more supplies for my diet- I decided on some Tilapia with the encouragement of my friend Jesse (he is making it for us for dinner tomorrow). I got some taco seasoning- just cause, more fruit, more veggies, and more water.

By the time dinner hit my brunch and mid afternoon orange had wore off and I was feeling the hunger! I defrosted some chicken as fast as possible and decided on what I call Chi-Chi's Chicken.

what you need:
Chicken Breast
Olive Oil
Cumin Seasoning
Garlic Salt
Onion Powder
Balsamic Vinegar 
Fat Free Shredded Cheddar
(Chi-Chi's) Salsa
Fat Free Sour Cream
fresh Peppers (red, yellow, orange)

1) Marinate chicken in Oil, seasonings, and Balsamic Vinegar.
2) Cook in a pan
3) Just as chicken is about done add the cheese on
4) Pour on desired amount of Salsa
5) Add a few small dollops of the Sour Cream
6) Serve with fresh peppers or other veggies

I spent the rest of the evening watching Skins and cleaning my room. Also I am on the lookout for good style ideas for Kerri's wedding coming up. Day wedding in a church and reception at a country club. I am not sure how dressy or casual to go. Any input is appreciated!

I am looking forward tomorrow- another day of the month of me :)

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