Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One week check in on Cycle 2- Real People Food

This post was written on Monday June 6th (Day 7 of cycle 2)

OK- sorry for letting a whole week(plus) go by without any posts about my diet. Cycle 2 is going very well- every other day I am allowed to add in some extra foods- 2 servings of natural starches, and different meats like red meats and shellfish. The starches are potato, sweet potato, brown rice, corn, etc. (still no bread or noodles).

But here are some pics of a few of my cycle two meals I have made:

Weight Update:
162lbs. Which means I have lost 15lbs total! and reached my Birthday Goal!! Hooray!

speaking of birthday's - mine has now past once this week finishes out and all my birthday celebrations/wedding celebrations are over I will be done with excuses of bad eating. PS... I don't think my b-day splurge really affected my weight. I will let you know soon tho!

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