Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 10- back on track

So yesterday was day 14 technically. I still feel a little cheap after some of the cheating that occurred this past weekend. I can't help but be mad at myself and feel like it probably killed some of my progress. But enough of being mopey- it is my own fault. I was debating doing a few extra days on cycle 1- and you know I think I will. So reset the clock... Day 14 just became Day 10. This will helpfully make up my progress I feel that I lost before switching to cycle 2.

Anyhow Day 10 went very well. I drank all 8 waters and managed to not cheat at all- in any sense of the word! I can't even explain the accomplishment I have at the end of every day that I don't cheat. Since I missed some days and haven't given you all many good dieting ideas... let me fill you in.

2 of my favorite ideas yet:

For dinner last night it was so hot out and I wanted something cold- but I hadn't had any protein that day yet so I decided I should have some chicken. I decided to make what I call Chicken Bruschetta. Here is what I did.
1. Take one chicken breast cut into pieces for ease of cooking.
2. Cover chicken with a small amount of oil and lots of garlic salt.
3. Cook in a pan until done
4. Once the chicken was done I placed a little bit of Fat Free Feta cheese on it.
5. On top of the feta I added the bruschetta mix.
Bruschetta- 1 chopped up tomato (seeds and core removed), olive oil, minced garlic, several leaves of chopped up basil, onion powder (to taste).
The result was wonderful and it goes well with a salad or side of fruit.

Another, fairly brilliant idea of mine was making Popsicles. I bought this $1.50 mold at Walmart and it makes four relatively smallish (but good size) popsicles. One of my favorite ones I made was green tea-raspberry pop. Basically you fill up the slot with green tea and cut the berries into tiny pieces and throw in. They freeze together and give you a wonderful treat for hot summer days! Also to get a cold serving of fruit you can mush up fruit and make a 100% fruit pop- the raspberry one was delicious! It was totally worth the $1.50. 
Here is what the green tea raspberry pop looked like!

Today is going pretty well so far- stay tuned for a post later!

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