Monday, May 30, 2011

The Dark Days

Since Thursday Mansfield has been dark- no power that is. We had a ridiculous storm the killed the power straight through the weekend until Sunday. I would have posted earlier today but each day seems crazier than the last.

Anyhow with this power outage came some horrible diet challenges which I managed to do OK on mostly, but I did cheat on my diet a little- sometimes out of necessity, and occasionally out of boredom. This happened because I had to go out to eat a lot- you can only order a chicken salad so many times before wanting to kill yourself.

Some good ideas for eating out are:
Ordering a Chicken stirfry- asking for no rice and extra veggies instead
Ordering a Salad that has some fruit on it
Order grilled chicken with steamed veggies and a side salad
Order a salad but add things like grilled onions or mushrooms to help mix it up- add some salsa.
and always order water as your drink! 

I really managed to do pretty well with all the eating out that was done. It wasn't really until today that I cheated badly. I was taken out to lunch today and the place we went had a limited menu due to the power outage. I ordered a turkey club and it came with fries- I ate most of the sandwich and some of the fries. And then this evening I was invited over a professors house to have dinner and the last thing i was going to do was be picky about my food. I still managed to avoid having any chips- only a very small helping of pasta and indulging more in the fruit and cold veggie soup. It is true that I should have avoided the toasted marshmallows- but they wanted to take a picture of us all holding them and stuff- so I didn't refuse.   

I am mostly proud of not going too crazy cheating this weekend... but I know I have some making up to do. The next few days are gonna be intense- and absolutely no more eating out until I absolutely have to.

On the plus side I weighed myself this weekend and I did manage to lose 2.5 lbs. which brought me into the 60s. However after this weekend I might have put it back on.

Here is to not giving up, to facing real life, to trying my hardest, and to still achieving success. Mark my words- the past few days will not ruin the progress I have made and will not affect future habits- I had a taste of the bad foods- and they simply aren't worth putting the weight back on.

Fellow dieters-- hang in there we can do this together!

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