Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 3- Pizza Night....

Today was my third day of dieting. I started off strong today by trying a new breakfast recipe!

The Greek Egg Scramble-
4 egg whites, Fat-Free Feta, Onions, Tomato, Salt, Pepper. Whisk together and cook :) very delicious

Now this afternoon was a little interesting- I had to do lunch on the road. I drove to Lockport today and left at 11ish- right before prime lunch time. I wasn't sure what to do- considering I hadn't cooked chicken or prepared anything ahead of time- so I followed the books advice. If you have to skip a meal- skip it. Instead I had some of my healthy snacks on the road.
2 apples

These sorta acted as my lunch- and altho I was craving something a little less sweet I just sucked it up- it was one day.

Dinner presented a challenge today too- Friday is Pizza Night in my family- and I never eat pizza at school- so I always look forward to friday's at home. However I was dreading dinner time. I didn't know if a plate of veggies could make me happy while I watched everyone sink their teeth into pizza and wings.

seasoned chicken breast
generous salad

Turns out, once again, my dinner was wonderful. I used some simeon's seasoning on the chicken- and then used a family salad dressing recipe for my salad- lucky me that all the ingredients in it are diet approved! Either way I sat next to my sister eating dinner- and as she ate her pizza she looked over and said "that chicken looks amazing, I wish I was eating that." HAHA that was a triumphant diet success for me! I made someone envious of my delicious diet food.. while they were eating the food I was craving. Either way I ate every bite of my dinner and once I was eating it I really could have cared less about the pizza. :D these are wonderful signs!

Tonight my friend Ryan came over to hang out- and we were trying to find something to do. First drive-in, or ice cream, or stay home? We nixed the drive-in because it was getting too late- and lucky for me by the time he got here it was too late to get ice cream too. (my plan was to do frozen yogurt- but I am glad I didn't have to execute it).

Since I had already spent an hour fantasizing about whether or not I could eat frozen yogurt- I had a really massive craving for it. I had an idea and decided I would try freezing one of my yogurts- I had one serving left after all. So I looked up some helpful online advice and decided to put the yogurt in a tupperware container in the freezer- and to stir it about every 20 minutes. I left it in there for about 3 hours stirring it occasionally and it turned out so well!
The picture doesn't do it justice!

Today was very successful- I even drank all 8 of my waters! I feel fabulous! :) Now onto the next challenge... a graduation BBQ ... big challenge indeed! 

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