Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 6- Late Start

 Breakfast today was sooo yummy- diet or not try this recipe! 

Omelet with Salsa and Fat Free Sour Cream


Turkey Burger
Fat Free Feta
Tomato Slice
Salad with Peter's Salad Dressing (Oil, Red Wine Ving, Bals. Ving, Season Salt, Natures seasoning)
Green Tea
 The Turkey Burger was absolutely amazing- I seasoned the meat with garlic powder, pepper, and season salt. I cooked it on this little George Foreman grill- and it really was sensational! 

Yesterday was day 6- I thought I did pretty well. It was a lazy sorta day, I woke up late and my breakfast sorta served as both breakfast and lunch. I was excited all day for tomorrow (which is today) because it would be day 7 and I officially made it through one week! Also I knew it meant checking my weight and measurements.

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