Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 4- The BBQ Challenge!

Today was day 4 of my diet. I thought first off I should report some wonderful news. As of yesterday morning my current weight is at 172.5 - yep I have already lost 4.5 lbs in a few short days. Now to you skeptics who say this is false- I mean I checked it on three scales because I didn't believe it and it is indeed true. Also I have explored the idea of this being "water weight" that came off... and to those people who think that, I say-- you know weight is weight. Also this diet is designed to get rid of the water weight first- at any rate, so far so good!

Ok as I said in my previous post today's challenge was facing the graduation party BBQ. I know in past dieting times of my life a party like this was the perfect excuse to cheat and eat something not within my diet. I would use excuses like, "well the only option is a cheeseburger or hot dog- I had to have at least one", or "It would be rude if I didn't partake in a piece of cake to celebrate my friend's accomplishment."So as you can imagine I was terrified about facing the party pressures of staying on track with my diet. Here is how I combatted the BBQ Blues:

1. I contacted the hostess about the menu a day prior to the party, she knew my dietary restrictions and let me know what would be available to me. (she even offered me things that weren't up for grabs with the other party guests... like green tea, a turkey burger, and fat-free yogurt).

2. I followed the book's advice about social gatherings and ate before I went. I ate my lunch right before leaving- and although it was a small lunch it totally did the trick for BBQ part 1. (the BBQ lasted from 2-11pm).

3. I came home for dinner. There were enough people at her party that it was reasonable to excuse myself for an hour or two to come home and make food here. Although I could have asked for a plain turkey burger and some raw veggies I knew I could fill up better at home.

4. I saved my sweet snacks. I saved up 1 yogurt and fruit for when I returned to the party after dinner. I knew I would have to face sweet treats served in the evening, and if I had a replacement dessert it would be ok. I ended up eating a really yummy yogurt at the campfire while everyone made smores- it's true I totally wanted a smore, but the yogurt helped me not give in, but not feel left out from the social eating.

I felt totally successful after today considering I handled the BBQ flawlessly and even dealt with some peer pressure to indulge in a smore. When I came home I snacked on a few strawberries and told my mom about my accomplishments today. Also I discovered one major benefit to an outdoor BBQ on a warm day--- I ended up drinking 12 servings of water! (which isn't only a good health practice for being in the sun, but helped me feel refreshed and full throughout the day).

Here was my menu for today:

1/2 grapefruit

Green Tea
2 Hard boiled eggs

Seasoned Chicken
Iceberg Lettuce(as a wrap)
Cooked Veggies- broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, garlic, onions, etc.
Fat-Free Cheddar Cheese
Fat-Free Sour Cream

Party Snacks:
Carrots w/ Mango Salsa (I could try the hostess' homemade salsa w/o using chips)
Green Tea

Incase you were wondering how lettuce can work as a wrap- here is how!
1. Get your supplies ready

2. Load up your leaf with the fillings (place in center)

3. Wrap it up and eat just as though it is a tortilla shell. 
**It gets pretty messy at the end- but is worth it**

Tomorrow's challenge: church potluck... guess who is bringing her own lunch? :)

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