Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 2-the swing of things

yesterday was my second day- and I forgot to leave a post. Here was my day in food-

2 eggs, pan fried
green tea



green tea
Chicken with peppers/onions/mushrooms and a bit of fat-free cheddar
carrots and cucumbers on the side
Dinner was again, especially delicious! 
I almost drank all of my waters- made it to 7, I am pretty determined to do 8 from now on! 
Basically nothing new to report. I did go shopping today and bought tons of yummy healthy food- like the fat free cheese! And some more veggies and things to bolster up the meals. Does anyone know any healthy fish based recipes? I don't ever eat fish but I was considering trying it- any thoughts let me know. Also I bought ground turkey- sounds like an adventure to me. I watched one of my friends eat this amazing looking cookie and had to shield my eyes. haha oh the joys of dieting. I am really looking forward to the long term pay offs. 

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