Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life Goals

Back in freshman year of high school one day I realized that I had never drank coke out of a glass bottle. It was such a simple act, that seemed like I should have done it at least once, but never had. I decided that I wanted to do it! But it got me thinking about a lot of other little life experiences I had never participated in. And thus was born my list of life goals. Maybe "life tasks" would be a better name as most of these are just silly ideas that I think I really want to do in my lifetime.

I have had this ever growing list since that point, and I only ever seldom remove an item from the list without completing it.

My friend Ryan told me about a website called 43things.com and it is a social network site where people post their lists of life goals. You can see how many other people are trying to accomplish that same goal, and if anyone has already accomplished it. You can cheer other people on too!

I have only posted 35 of my list which are not yet accomplished, and I will be adding them and updating it, as i accomplish these goals.

I feel like the ones I already have accomplished deserve some credit- so here is my list of accomplished life goals:
Drink Coke out of a glass bottle
Attempt Surfing
Record a CD
Meet Someone Famous- Eric Whitacre
Go Swing Dancing
See the World's Largest ____. (ended up being Glass Pumpkin).
Have artwork done of me
Learn a hip-hop combination (thank you Zumba)
Eat a Corndog in NYC
Go to Disney World
Win a raffle or sweepstakes
Ride on a train
See a Broadway Show
Watch the Sun rise
Meet someone with an Authentic British Accent
See an Opera
Have a guy serenade me
Dance around seriously in a public place (Tops)
Sit in the boxes at a performance (Magic Flute at the MET)
Kiss someone backstage
Have a song composed for me
Have a men's choir sing to me (thank you sing in tux)

22- wow it's nice to count them and see how far I have come in only a few years- 35 more- no problem!

See my list of life goals!

If you don't have your own list I would encourage you to start one- it's important to not miss out on the little things in life- and you know making goals for the big things doesn't hurt either!

One of my goals is to visit all 50 states- these are the ones I have been to:

visited 12 states (24%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

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