Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 13- cleaning day

so today is day 13.. i got my numbers all mixed up but according to my calendar on the wall (which has a kitten and sharpie on it) today is day 13. Tomorrow will be my 2 week mark... ((I am a little worried about the rapidly approaching PMS which I know will bring bloating...)) boo.
Today was the second day of June and it may have been even more pleasant than the last. I spent the morning cleaning and organizing my room (I might put up some pics tomorrow). And I spent lots of time online today I subscribed to like 10 new blogs- mostly fashion blogs, a scrapbook one, and some thrift shopping ones. I really wish I was able to do a fashion blog of "what I wear" type thing.. even if it's not everyday just for certain occasions. I don't know it seems fun- it would be cool to show off my style :) or to do a blog on thrift shopping. I am hoping my blog can have elements of all of these things- since it is stuff i like :)

As far as diet world goes- everything is going well. I didn't get down all my water today. But I made sure to take a walk (and cleaning my room was pretty much exercise).

Tonight's dinner was really my only eventful meal... it was Chicken with red wine ving/olive oil/simeon's seasoning on it. Along with some steamed veggies. Not complex and tasted fabulous!

Comment on this blog (on FB or here) if you are dieting too and need some cheering on! we can all encourage each other to reach our goals!

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