Saturday, September 22, 2012

RIP white wall.

Awhile ago I did a post on all the updates we have made to our apartment. If you remember correctly I said I wasn't quite thrilled with the 'final product' of my bedroom. And since I believe the space you are in greatly influences your mood I decided to make a few more changes. Here is what my bedroom looked like before we moved in: Pretty plain, long, boring and white.

If you remember from my last post on the house I made a lot of changes on it. Here is what it looked like after round one of updates: Kept the walls white but added touches of yellows, pinks, and greys.
Take special note at the middle bottom picture of the collage. That was the area of the room I was most displeased with. It felt so empty and so far away from the rest of the room. The cheap black drawers looked funny with the gold framed mirror, and the right side of the wall next to the door looked ridiculously empty.
So I decided to change it. Rather than buying more furniture to shove in the corner, or replace the pieces I had- I called for a brave painting job. Below is the picture that I found via pinterest for inspiration.
Reasons why I love it: I wanted a chevron pattern but doing it in a dark pink color would be overwhelming, but all gray wouldn't make enough of a statement- this was the perfect marriage of the two. So I set out on this ambitious task to turn my boring empty white wall into a crazy patterned focal point. Here is what I came up with.

So now my room is looking like this:

I feel really happy with the result, and I feel like I finally have all the colors in my scheme that I wanted. Yellow, Pink, Darker Pink, and Grey. Now I am a happy camper- and really like being in my room. Not to mention that the pattern really helps fill the space. It doesn't feel empty, and it helps that wall feel closer to the rest of the room making the ridiculously narrow long room a little more proportionate. Also I did another little project and painted my mirror frame black, and painted my hat box the same pink as on the wall. That whole side of the room is looking much more unified! Next post is about how I managed to not go crazy painting zig-zags on my wall. Enjoy! 

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