Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Day for Dad

A few days ago on August 31st I celebrated my Dad's birthday. Most of you know he passed away when I was younger, but I still like to take time throughout my year to think about him and celebrate his memory. What better day than his birthday? I asked my mom if she had any suggestions on how I should celebrate: she suggested taking some photos, eating strawberry ice cream, and watching Star Trek. I decided to try and do all three things!

First I tackled photos... I remembered he took tons of photos of nature and fireworks, there were no fireworks in sight so I decided to go spend some time outside with my camera. I drove down the road a bit to Bald Eagle Stat Park. It was the first time I'd ever been there, and it was really nice, I'd like to go and explore more. Maybe do a few trails! When I first got close I found a small boat launch area and decided to explore there. I began walking around and found a big black snake! It made my heart jump... I am clearly terrified of snakes, mostly because I don't know how to tell what kinds they are or if they are dangerous. I didn't get a good picture of it, but it was about as thick as my fist. It slithered away and I snagged a few pics then searched for a more safe place to eat my packed lunch.

I drove down the road a bit more and found the actual park and went in the first entrance which lead to a big boat launch area with a dock. I ate my lunch near the dock and spent some time soaking up the sun while enjoying the steady rocking of the dock. I had such a nice time just thinking and enjoying nature. I spent some time journaling and then took some photos. My favorite pictures are from an area I pulled over at on the road leading to the launch. There were a few flowers, a little bridge, and beautiful trees. It was an amazing relaxing day and I hope my photos would make my Dad proud! I feel like I inherited the love of photography from him, so even though I was celebrating him- it was a treat for me as well!

The love of photography isn't the only thing I inherited from him- I also inherited the love of strawberry ice cream! Strawberry ice cream was my absolute favorite flavor as a child. I can't even remember ever eating or wanting another kind. I used to order gummy bears as a topping sometimes, or rainbow sprinkles (that was more frequent!) So that evening I scooped myself a huge bowl of birthday ice cream. :) It was sooo good, and the best news is I have extra leftover.

I had planned to watch Star Trek that night and even got advice from my friend Josh on which episode pre-1997 would be the best to watch! Unfortunately our Netflix was being used by too many devices so I couldn't access it. I know it's the thought that counts so Dad wouldn't be too disappointed. I figure next time I am searching for a show to watch I will have one in mind!

All in all the day was really great. Somehow spending the day doing things my Dad would have enjoyed made it feel like we were spending the day together. Even after 15 years I still miss him and think about him constantly. I can only hope that he's looking down on me with love and pride. Happy Birthday Daddy I love you!


  1. Love this post! And your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I'm sure your dad appreciates your special day in honor of him :)

  2. he would be so proud, i know it! were you ever able to restore his old camera? did he love strawberry cake with cream cheese icing too(i think that's the type of icing your mom put on your birthday cake anyway)? :D

    1. thanks, and i am not sure what kind of icing and cake he liked best- but chances are it's strawberry!

  3. This is a beautiful post Danielle!