Friday, August 31, 2012

Home Sweet Home

The moment of truth is here!! I am finally going to post some apartment pictures. I will go into some details about each room, and all the pictures are numbered for easy understanding of what's what. If you missed the earlier post on the apartment check it out, it has before pics of the kitchen, living room, and my bedroom! 

Welcome to the Living Room!

The Living Room is my favorite space in our house. It's so open but cozy at the same time! With the greens all around it's so natural feeling and relaxing. Here are the details:
1. This is a main shot of the living room. Notice the small pillow on the couch? I covered two like that to go with the room! We also thrifted the coffee table for $12!
2. Check out the detail on these trees we painted on the wall! I might do a post later on that project- kind of intense but I just LOVE the wall behind the couch it adds so much interest! 
3. The doorway to the bedrooms! I love using the slanted ceilings to create cozy nooks! Notice the 2 dark green lamps? Thrift store find as well (so is the dark green pillow on that black chair). For the lamps we decided to forego the shades and use circular bulbs for a more modern look.
4. This is my favorite area to sit. Right in the living room next to the window. The gray chair is impossibly comfortable! 

Welcome to the Lounge
The lounge is really interesting it is directly across from the living room (couch wall). The stairs sort of act as a divider. We weren't sure what to do with this area so we use it for our hobbies! 
1. My sewing supplies :)
2. Notice the Piano (music station) and the door leads to a balcony
3. This is the bar, we weren't sure what to do with it at first... it didn't seem like a good real bar so I turned it into a crafting station! I also made the purple owl curtain covering the opening! 
4. Some things you can find on the craft bar: scrapbook paper, smash journal supplies, construction paper, coloring books, paints, stickers and stamps, glue and tape, paints, an iron, and a work light! 

A few other rooms...
I didn't have quite enough photos to do a whole montage for these spaces...
1. Derek's bedroom. This is right off the living room and connects to my bedroom.
2. Fish tank, not visible in the living room shots
3. The stairs! They wrap up from the kitchen and split the lounge and living room. 
4. The kitchen! Notice: the table, my Dad made it when he was in high school! The apron hooks we added! 
5. This is our porch/balcony thing. It has a beautiful view and we decorated it with purple and white lights to make for a pretty evening! 

Welcome to My Bedroom
This is my bedroom, it's not totally done but it's a start! I really like my bedroom but I am still thinking of ideas to help make it look better. Let me know if you have any thoughts! 
1. What you see when you walk in the door! Notice the yellow curtains... I crafted these from a thrifted sheet.
3. My shelf next to my window is the home for my ukulele and personal books, along with some glowing yellow lanterns (stolen from Alyssa's wedding!)
4. My other book shelf which houses most of my school resources
5. View from my bed side of the room. The black drawers I use for clothing and you can see my door which leads into Derek's room. We were worried about me having to walk through his room every time I go to mine, but it honestly hasn't been a problem at all!
2 & 6. The closets are open between my and Derek's room. We share one side for hanging things, and the other side for storage. It was so dark with not lighting so we used white lights to give us a better look at our clothing. 

Not pictured: The bathroom. Totally forgot about this, it's a pretty standard bathroom. Washer, dryer, shelves, sink, shower, and toilet. The only "cool" thing about the bathroom is the cute thrifted owl toothbrush holder, but that's a picture for another day. 

Hopefully you liked this picture tour of our apartment. I have been loving it so much! It's so fun to be the top floor of the building with all the interesting architecture, and stairs inside of our apartment! Not to mention it's a great price, and right above a cafe! 

Last but not least here is my absolute favorite part of the apartment...

Have a fabulous day! I'd love to hear what you think about the apartment! 

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