Friday, August 31, 2012

No Hair Dryer Required

The past week or so I have been at my apartment with no internet (until 2 days ago) and with not too much to do, except fix up the apartment. I even ran mostly out of money meaning I couldn't drive anywhere because of gas cost... which left me stuck. It's not all bad however. The house really came together quickly and I have tons of time for crafts and other projects, which brings me to the point of hair. I haven't felt like blow drying my hair lately seems like a waist if I have nothing going on- but I haven't liked how it looks down either... it's too long and heavy to look nice scrunched and wet... so I have been experimenting. This is my favorite so far. It's similar to other things I have done with small braids in front of my hair, but this one used up the whole front half of my hair! :) I liked the results and it will be an excellent look for a not super challenging hair style that requires no blow drying or product and keeps your hair off your face! 

How to: I started the braid at my right ear and divided out the front portion of my hair all the way across. While braiding pull in the direction you want it to go, i started pulling straight over like a headband then mid left side i pulled back to where my bun would be, but still used all the hair to my left ear in the braid. Then take the end of the braid and the leftover hair and style it in a messy bun. 


  1. Thanks! I'm in a wedding this weekend and I'm doing everyone's hair in braided styles I am definitely going to use this it looks great!