Friday, August 3, 2012

Into the Woods We Go Again...

...We have to every now and then. For those of you who don't know, Into the Woods has a special meaning to me. My Freshman year of college I was given the role of Cinderella: It was not only amazing to be playing the role, but it was my first lead ever! I feel as though it was a huge turning point in my acting career and ever since the show has meant so much to me. Since then the show has come up a lot! 3 specific performances of it that are important to me are... Mansfield's production, for above reasons. My sister's first time being in the show as Little Red at FIT, with so many great people!, (I had the priveledge of seeing her again in Into the Woods as a stepsister semi-recently!-another great production). And finally the most recent production where Josh (my boyfriend) directed the show in his hometown. It was a brilliant production! I am beyond proud of all that he accomplished as musical and stage director. The costumes, sets, and music really came together and they gave a great performance!

Just for funzies I decided I wanted to share pictures from the 3 productions I just talked about... Most recent first. (I have to apologize for some of the pictures, it was incredibly hard to get a clear shot!)

Josh's Production
Location: New Milford, PA 
When: July 2012
Jack and Milky White
Opening Scene
 The Baker and his Wife
 Cinderella (minus one shoe)
 Granny and Little Red with the Butcher-no the Baker
 Little Red with the Baker and his wife Act 2
 Crowd scene with Narrator
Cinderella's Prince with the Baker's Wife
The Witch
 "No One is Alone"
Cinderella and Little Red
 Baker with his Child
Ending Pose!
The Pit!! With an oh-so-amazing conductor! (And pretty brilliant pit all around- thanks Mansfield people for coming out and playing!)

Gabby's (1st) Production
Where: FIT, NYC, NY
When: March(?) 2009

 Jack and Milky White
 Little Red(Gabby) and the Wolf
 Baker and His Wife
 The Princes
 Cinderella, Stepsister and Milky White 
Rapunzel and her Prince with the Witch

My Performance
Where: Mansfield University
When: February 2009 

 Wolf and Little Red
 Jack and the Giant Bean Stalk! 
 The Princes
 Cinderella (me)
Incase you are interested, I have me singing "On the Steps of the Palace" on youtube. 
If your curiosity spikes and you'd like a listen to freshman Danielle then follow this link! 
 Stepmother, Stepsisters and Cinderella
 Baker and his Wife with the Witch
Final Pose: "I wish" 

Also I have a video of No One is Alone :) 

Thanks for taking a quick trip down memory lane with me. This has got me all started thinking about all the musicals I have done and how great being in a show is... perhaps I will do an even larger tour down musical memory lane :) we shall see! 

Have a great day everyone! 

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