Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Short Term Goals with Long Term Determination

Setting Goals, I feel, is a very important part of my everyday life. I like lists that clearly explain my objectives for the day, week, month or even year that I can work towards. I get a sensational feeling crossing things off the list. It feels amazing to watch the list shrink (at least momentarily before I add another item to it). If I love order and lists so much, why not incorporate a list of goals for my weight loss plan? So here it is my long term goals list for weight-loss! It has a lot of flexibility, but is designed to last.

My 3 year Goal: To be 135 by my 25th Birthday
My 2 year Goal: To be 145 by my 24th Birthday
My 1 year Goal: To be 160 by my 23rd Birthday
My "6 month" Goal: To be 166 by Christmas
My End of Summer Goal: Lose 6 lbs to get to 172 
Current Weight: 178 lbs
What I was at the start of the summer: 188 lbs

Here is the break down:
I have 43 lbs I want to lose as of today. I assume the last year of weight loss will move the slowest, and the first year the fastest- so here is how I plan to break it down:
Year 1 lose 18lbs (divided into 6 lbs intervals throughout the year)
Year 2 I plan to lose 15 lbs (break it down into 5 lbs intervals when it gets closer)
Year 3 I plan to lose the last 10 lbs (breaking it down into small chunks).

Yes I wish I could say that I will be 135 by my next birthday, but it just isn't realistic. I have been battling with weight loss for as long as I can remember, and certainly long enough to know that crash diets and rapid weight loss work temporarily but slow and steady weight loss with lifestyle changes will really be much healthier for my body and longer lasting!

If for some reason I need to adjust my goals, whether the weight is coming off faster or slower than anticipated, I will. But these goals will give me the long term goal to look forward to, with the short term goals to keep me on track!

Good luck to all my fellow dieters/ weight conscious individuals!

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  1. Good luck Danielle! I'm finally where I want to be after having Ben and it feels great. I got stuck in the trap of exercising but not eating well and when I started balancing the two is when I saw results. I still have dessert, but maybe once or twice a week instead of every night :)