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Most of you probably don't know this but I don't really like it when people type in all caps. It makes me feel like I am either being yelled at or I am talking to a 13 year old girl who just got kissed by a super star (aka over-the-top-melodramatic-excitement). The other day I found out that my friend Derek and I got an apartment down in state college for student teaching- I was so excited that I found myself typing in all caps- (gasp)- I could hardly believe it myself, but it proved how excited I was to get this apartment and start planning and moving in! I AM SO EXCITED!

I am very excited as well to post pictures and updates on my blog as I accomplish some home projects. Since I haven't seen it in person all I have is Derek's description and a few photos he took when walking through. Since the pictures aren't great quality and aren't of the house when we are living in it I am only going to show you 3 to give you a taste of what we have to work with. Also I wanted to share some images and ideas I have for 3 of the spaces in the house; the kitchen, living area, and my bedroom! Enjoy!

The Kitchen
* Notice the wallpaper border and the redish brown and white checked counter tops

We need colors that will incorporate the counter top because there is no changing that. 

I'm thinking of finding a bold Aztec pattern with our kitchen colors in it to incorporate blues with the reddish-brown of the counter tops to cover up the borders in the kitchen! 

 Also trying some cork board and chalkboard ideas on the walls and cabinets might be good! 

The Living Room
This room is directly across from a lounge area which I want to think of as decorating with the living room. It has crazy angled ceilings one big window in the living room and a door to a porch in the lounge. (the walls will be white) 

Greens and neutrals (browns or grays) 
Derek has a dark green couch so that was the color I wanted to start with. I thought adding in lighter shades of green like a rug, blanket, and side table I already have would be super cost effective! 

Also going off the greens I want to make it feel as natural as possible with images of nature and plants too! 
I own these curtains and thought hanging them in the living room would be good to keep the windows letting in as much light as possible. Also I have a similar fabric with a bit of green in it I might use to cover a few pillows. 

 Speaking of pillows, I have a bold print Ikea pillow with Dark blue and white pattern. I think it will look great with the greens and did I mention Derek has a dark blue chair as well! 

Also this last idea is a bit of a stretch but.. I want to add painted birch trees on the flat living room wall (seen in above picture) and along the opposite wall in the lounge where there is a door leading to the deck. Clearly if the walls are white I'd need to paint the birch trees a color- perhaps greens or grays :) 
And if I can't paint them I might try a non-paint method of creating a similar effect. 

My Bedroom
Pretty standard, carpet, white walls, window, door opposite of window. 

I like this color combo mostly for the yellowish gold color and the gray. Not too mention the pinks are my favorite shades of pink. These colors together feel really warm and welcoming and would look nice in a white room. I wanted to find a color combo with yellow and gray because of a lamp shade I have! However if the pinks don't work out I will most likely do blues. 

I am not exactly sure but I might try to make a canopy like this, and I love all the soft looking bedding- you better believe I will have tons of cozy blankets on my bed with lots of pillows! 

I'd also like to use spray paint to update old things into my new color scheme... Frames and mirror frames in my colors are only the start! :) 

Also as super "trendy" as it is right now I really like chevron patterns. I find them bright and cheery and used best in a non-cluttered room. I am striving to make my space simple and clean looking without too much clutter- so hopefully this type of pattern could fit in nicely in the form of a pillow or seat cushion or perhaps area rug! 

I like how chevron is used in this room: 

Well that's about all I have time for now but stay tuned for more ideas, and projects, and a post about packing and moving! I am sO EXCITED FOR THIS NEw part of my life! (sorry about that almost got out of control with those caps again) 

xo Danielle 

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