Friday, August 17, 2012

J + A

Earlier this summer I was blessed with the opportunity to be apart of one of my best friend's weddings! I was a bridesmaid for Alyssa & Josh's wedding, and I couldn't have had a nicer time! They decided to get hitched up in Canada on lake Mazinaw which has special significance to Alyssa's family. It was about a 10 hour drive for me to get up there but every single minute or travel was worth it! I can't explain how it feels to watch one of your childhood friends get married. I have known Lys since the sixth grade, and even since middle school she had told me how in love with Josh she was. (Who says no one marries their middle school crush?!). It was years until they finally got together- but now I am so happy they did! They are truly a wonderful couple and balance each other perfectly. All you want for a best friend is for her to be happy- mission accomplished :) I truly feel blessed to have been able to be witness to the ceremony and able to support them in this important occasion in their lives! 

The whole wedding weekend was great fun! It started with a girls night in Toronto, then rehearsal dinner the next day- and finally following up with the wedding on Saturday and a small reception after! I unfortunately only have pictures from girls night and the reception! And none from the formal reception a few weekends ago in Rochester :( 
One thing I really enjoyed aside from the general merriment of the wedding- was getting to see my girlfriends from high school. Alyssa and I are also best friends with Danielle and Meagan- and lucky us she asked all of us to be bridesmaids! Needless to say, girls night was really great! 
Thanks again Lys and Josh to having me be apart of your wedding! I wish you a long and happy marriage full of love and laughter! Love you both! 

xo Danielle 

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