Saturday, August 25, 2012

Free Samples

Hello All! Sorry I haven't been posting at all this past week- Since last Saturday I have been moved into my new apartment near State College with my friend Derek. I have so many great things to write about, and projects we have done on the house- but there will be time for that later once I can access internet from home! For now I want to just show you a brief preview of what you'll be seeing...

So far we have explored a little bit, did tons of thrift shopping and bargain hunting! One of our favorite local places so far is called Cool Beans Coffee and Tea. We just adore them for having free wifi and tasty coffee! This is the street it's on- cute, right?
I can't wait until fall hits the trees around here will look so beautiful!

Also with much anticipation I share with you a cell phone preview picture of a part of our living room... you'll have to wait and see for some changes that have been made since then (and for a better quality picture).
Video tour of the apartment coming soon- and way more details on life in Central PA so far! 

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